Cloppus: [from Late Latin] limping, that does not stand up right.

As a design practice we have an artisanal approach. Our projects start on paper and always end in the shop. We strongly believe on Gianbattista Vico’s motto VERUM IPSUM FACTUM (what is true is what is made). In the motto lives the idea that the search for Truth is identified with the act of “Doing” and in it, is contained the the act of “Thinking” - essential for the development of any idea or project - which belongs to the human mind. In order to produce good design it is paramount to keep a hands-on approach as much as it is to focus on the drawing table.

Alberto Zotti, architect, founded Cloppus after leaving Seattle in the middle of 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Graduating at IUAV University of Venice in 2017, he worked with renowned architects in Italy and abroad, such as Valeriano Pastor and Olson Kundig. Learning through these architects, he developed consciousness of space, obsession for details and natural materials. Working within these realities he understood the importance of artisanal production and its tradition through study as well as manual practice.